Ideal for both front and back office users in every dental office setting

EDS real-time eligibility service is an easy-to-use solution providing instant connectivity to leading commercial and government insurers. This service enables you to automate time-consuming business functions while improving patient service. Implementation is easy. Using your internet connection you will communicate directly with insurance companies. To ensure privacy, your transaction is protected with the highest level of internet-based security.

How It Works:

EDS real-time eligibility consolidates access to multiple payers from a single screen. It is a single source solution, allowing dental offices to receive eligibility and plan benefit information immediately from the insurance company. Insurance companies instantly return detailed benefit information such as plan maximums, deductibles, utilization and percentage paid by category. For some payers, you are able to check specifically by procedure code. Most importantly, the eligibility information received is displayed in an understandable, easy to read format that can be printed and shared with your patient.

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