With EDS, real-time claim status and claim tracking are easily accessed, connecting your office to the largest group of dental payers in the industry.

Through EDS, claim tracking has never been easier. Claim information received and generated during claim processing is compiled and presented in an easy-to-use layout, using a similar format display across all payers, allowing you to track claims throughout the adjudication process.

Claims can be located and displayed in a variety of ways, including by patient name, payer subscriber number, or date of service, making it simple to manage dental claims and rework claim rejections. The searchable interface provides access to claim report information in consistent formats, eliminating the labor-intensive work of monitoring paper claims. Using your Internet connection, you will communicate directly with insurance companies. All data is automatically translated to meet HIPAA compliance standards, and the privacy of transactions is protected using the highest level of Internet-based security.

How It Works:

Our end-to-end dental claim status solutions allow you to check the status of your electronically submitted claim giving you a simple understanding of the full detailed status of a particular claim. Easily research the status of all claims submitted through EDS. Using your computer and EDS Claim Tracking Service, you can get claim information quickly and know exactly where the claim is in the claim distribution cycle without calling the insurance company. Conveniently access multiple insurance companies from one place. No need to move from one website to another and another during the course of your day. Our service allows you to receive information any day, anytime, giving you the information you need to allow your office staff to concentrate on other important patient related processes.

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