EDS Payment Manager

Eliminates remittance confusion
Making remittances clear and understandable is the first step toward making them truly useful. EDS Payment Manager is a powerful remittance management solution that automatically interprets Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) from Government and Commercial carriers. It automates the translation of payers 835 codes into human-readable formats, eliminates paper EOBs and quickly enables secondary billing and expedites follow-up for denied claims.

Provide your staff with the best ERA and payment solutions.

EDS Payment Manager draws upon four simple functions (Search, View, Print and Retrieve) to give you the ability to quickly locate and utilize the appropriate ERA in real-time. You can save time in secondary billing by automatically coordinating primary carrier payments and receivables from other sources.


  • Self-service enrollment and delivery preference tools
  • Standardized remittance information from payers across the country
  • User-friendly, web-based tools for searching, viewing and retrieving electronic and paper remittances
  • Centralized location for storage and retrieval of remittances and payment data
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