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How EDS Works

Our end-to-end claim status solutions allow you to check the status of your electronically submitted claim giving you a simple understanding of the full detailed status of a particular claim.

Easily Research Claims
Using your computer and EDS Claim Tracking Service, you can get claim information quickly and know exactly where the claim is in the claim distribution cycle without calling the insurance company.

Easily Post Payments


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About EDS

EDS has been providing services for over 10 years to the dental industry.

Using state of the art .NET technology for the best performing software available.

EDS provides the highest level of support for all our services.


EDS is one of the largest dental electronic clearinghouses for dental claims and the leading provider of dental EDI solutions. Our interactive eligibility service enables provider offices to communicate directly with insurance companies to receive patient plan benefits. With EDS, your office is able to check eligibility and benefit information while your patient is still in the office, helping your practice become more efficient. Easily submit all of your insurance claims and quickly check the status of submitted claims with the touch of a button.

EDS Benefits

Providers report receiving
payment in as little as five days with the average time being less than two weeks. Electronic dental claims are processed up to 85% faster than paper claims, meaning that you get your money weeks faster than you do now.

  • Improve patient service
  • Improve claim acceptance rate
  • Reduces errors and omissions
  • Increased Office Productivity
  • Expedites reimbursement
  • Simplifies procedures
  • Reduces rejected claims
  • NEA integration
  • Eliminates supplies & mailing tasks

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