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Send Electronic Attachments with EDS-EDI.
EDS knows the importance of processing claims quickly.  Why mail additional claim information that could take days when you can send it in seconds?  With FastAttach™ you can do just that.

What is FastAttach™?
FastAttach enables dental providers to transmit attachments in support of electronic claims to insurance carriers via the Internet. Attachments are also stored for the providers who desire this service. Attachments include: X-Rays, Lab Reports, EOBs, Narratives, OP Reports, Nurses notes, Doctors Notes, Perio-charts and any other document required to process a claim.

Do I have to have a digital x-ray system?
No. Over 70% of the providers utilizing FastAttach are using scanners. If you do not have a digital x-ray system you will need a scanner with a transparency adapter.
Click here for more information on scanners

How do I get more information?
Click here to watch a short video explaining more

How do I get started and use my Promo Code: EDSRZ1M
To sign up is quick and easy.  You can call EDS at: 800-482-3518 and one of our sales staff will be glad to assist you or Click Here and use the online registration form.

No matter how you sign up, don't forget to use Promo Code: EDSRZ1M to receive FREE installation & 1 Month FREE!

That's $200+ in savings!

E-mail: EDS NEA