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EDS knows the importance of processing claims quickly and accurately... more info

Your CLAIM Savings will be realized almost immediately by using EDS... more info

NEA enables dental providers to transmit attachments in support of electronic claims... more info

What EDS Offers

Submit Claims:
View claim information for accuracy and choose which claims to send or hold.

Check Claim Status:
Check on submitted, but unpaid claims. You can search by various methods such as: date range, specific date, specific insurance companies and/or all submitted claims.

Quick Eligibility Check:
Research the eligibility of a new patient coming into your office. You can enter their insurance information and get back eligibility information within seconds.

Insurance Response:
Review response information received back from various insurance companies. You can change the range of dates displayed.

View Reports:
View all the reports returned from insurance companies. The reports are sorted by date.

Check Patient Eligibility:
Check the eligibility for patients. You can check the patient eligibility on patients by upcoming appointment dates or by all patients.

Electronic Attachments (NEA):
Transmit attachments in support of electronic claims to insurance carriers via the Internet.

Transmit Information:
View and track all your transactions, sorted by date, that have been sent to Electronic Dental Services for processing.

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No Hassle - No Contract - No Setup Fee

EDS is an electronic insurance management system that interfaces with your Practice Management System. EDS will do more than submit your dental claims. EDS will help with claim processing, claim status and eligibility checking so your office runs more efficiently.

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EDS realizes how hectic and fragmented the dental billing industry has become. EDS understands your staff has more important responsibilities... such as the care of your patients. EDS will provide efficiency and productivity back into their day. Why do one claim at a time? With EDS, we give you the option of batching all claims at once or doing them individually. How about knowing your patients' eligibility and benefits "prior" to them arriving to their appointment!


At EDS we realize that time is money. The more time you spend on billing and insurance issues the less time you spend with patients. EDS provides the technology to help reduce administrative time on claims, bringing you the savings you deserve. We provide billing fee options to meet any size office. Whether you do 50 or 15,000 claims per month, the savings will be realized almost immediately.

EDS can deliver savings of 30% + per month over the national average.


EDS uses the latest developing technologies to bring you the fastest and easiest way to process claims. Giving you an application that takes advantage of existing as well as up and coming technologies that other programs just can't offer. This being supported by development professionals with over 40 years of combined experience relating specifically to developing, supporting and maintaining software for the dental industry.